Equality & Diversity Awareness

This one day course raises awareness of the responsibilities staff have of the challenges facing all organisations in promoting and understanding equality & diversity in the workplace.  Dealing with issues of race, gender, disability, age, sexual orientation, religion or belief and other aspects of difference present in a diverse workforce, the course enables delegates to understand the role that equality & diversity plays in delivering effective services to all communities and creating equal life chances for all.  This course covers the new Equality Act and how it affects behaviour and working practices at all levels.

Managing Equality & Diversity

A one day course to enable managers and supervisors to lead a diverse workforce and create a tolerant and welcoming working environment for all staff and customers.  Includes an in-depth look at the legal challenges that managers face and the difficult decisions and judgements they are required make in a wide range of areas from recruitment & selection, working practices, disciplinary & grievances and all aspects of harassment & discrimination.  This will include exploring the new Equality Act and the impact this will have on current practices.