Personal Safety for Lone Workers

A one day course to provide delegates with awareness & knowledge of working safely alone.  The course covers managing & assessing risk, safe systems of working alone, defusing conflict & personal safety.

Managing Lone Workers

A half day course to enable delegates to manage the risks of staff who work alone.  Delegates will be able to carry out a risk assessment specific to lone working as well as understand a range of measures that should be covered in policies and procedures for lone workers.

Managing Conflict & Aggression

A one day course for staff in direct contact with customers and service users when there is potential for conflict to occur.  Includes elements on understanding aggression, dynamic risk assessments, defusing & resolving conflict & aggression and personal safety skills.

Managing Telephone Aggression

This one day course is for staff working at call centres or tasked with answering calls from customers and service users where the potential for aggression and conflict is present.  Includes the background & effects of aggressive call handling, core telephone handling skills, understanding telephone aggression, defusing & resolving conflict on the telephone and call based simulation skills

Raid Awareness

A half day course aimed at increasing the awareness and skills of staff working in at risk locations in dealing with the threat of criminal activity targeted towards the premises or staff. Suitable for all staff working at higher risk locations and outreach centres either with or without cash handling.  Includes recognising & assessing risk, incident management and post incident procedures.

First Response

A one day course for staff who may be called upon to respond to an emergency panic alarm and provide assistance to a colleague. Includes dynamic risk assessment, first response steps, edged weapon awareness, the law on physical intervention & eviction and practical skills for responding to and disengaging from threatening situations.

Understanding Mental Health

A one day course to give delegates an understanding of customers with issues relating to mental health.  It explores common conditions that affect behaviour and explores appropriate ways to respond.

Managing Challenging Behaviour

A one day course to to provide staff who are presented with behaviours they may find challenging with the knowledge and skills to effectively manage such situations.  The focus of the course will be on understanding such behaviour and developing effective strategies to appropriately respond to them.  Includes functional analysis and individual behaviour plans.  Suitable for a wide range of settings, including children & adults with learning disabilities, mental health and customers with dementia related conditions.