CMS can offer consultancy services to further support our clients in delivering safer and more effective outcomes for their staff.

From small projects delivered to tight timescales through to more comprehensive consultancy programmes, we can provide that extra support that your project needs to achieve success.

Examples of the type of consultancy we have delivered include:

  • Working with a large business in the retail sector to develop new approaches to dealing with disruptive and aggressive customers.  The programme included the development of new policies and the use of a pioneering scenario based training module delivered in a ‘live’ situation.
  • Supporting a local authority to develop a new policy on the use of physical intervention in their schools.  This involved researching and understanding the current practices within the authority, identifying key areas of concern and writing new policy and guidance that aligned with the aims of the organisation.
  • Developing e-learning content to deliver learning outcomes for both staff and managers on equality & diversity.  This local authority client used the e-learning modules as part of a blended learning approach to drive change within their organisation.
  • Working with a manufacturer to conduct a full review of their work systems to identify safety risks, provide an action plan to remedy short & long term risks to the business and develop a completely new health & safety policy to achieve a safe system of work.
  • Working with a large department within a local authority to investigate concerns about inappropriate behaviour in the workplace and develop a programme to tackle bullying & harassment of staff. 

Get in touch now to discuss your exact requirements with one of our highly experienced consultants who will ensure that you receive sensible and pragmatic advice by engaging with your team at every stage of the process